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작성일 : 17-03-21 14:11
[기타] Novicorp WinToFlash Professional 1.5.0000 Portable
글쓴이 : 익명
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다운로드 : Novicorp WinToFlash Professional 1.5.0000 Portable.torrent (23.1k)
Novicorp WinToFlash Professional 1 토렌트 torrent 파일 다운로드 마그넷 주소 무료 공짜 다시보기

InstallingWindows from a flash drive! An application that allows you to completelytransfer the setup Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 2008,Windows 7, Windows 8 on the USB drive in a few mouse clicks. This means that youcan install Windows from a flash card, HDD or other storage device to yourcomputer or netbook. And it’s not all she can do. WinToFlash can transfer yourlive CD / DVD onto the USB drive, for example, BartPE. After all thetechnological manipulation, you can completely clear the flash card and formatit in Windows for everyday use. 

List ofFunctions: 

-Transfer Setup Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008/7/8 on a USB drive. 
- Full support for editions of Windows32 bit and 64 bit. 
- Transfer therecovery disc or mini-OS (BartPE for Windows XP/2003, WinPE on Vista/2008/7/8)on a USB drive. 
- Cleaning the USBnakopiteya (removal of all the information on it). 
- Create a USB nakopiteya with emergencyboot Windows 2000/XP/2003. 
-Transfer of MS-DOS on a USB drive. 
- Create a USB to kopitelya WindowsXP/2003 Recovery Console. 
-Formatting a USB nakopiteya to FAT16 or FAT32. 
- Detailed configuration of any FAToption for better compatibility. 
-A detailed set any options the partition table. 
- Choice of boot USB flash drive, suchas GRUB or Standard. 
- Choosing atopic – CHS or LBA for better compatibility with some motherboards. 
- Creating an answer file for WindowsSetup. Add a serial number, user name, etc. 
- Detailed configuration of the transferof Windows Setup. 
- Checknakopiteya USB for file system errors after migrating Windows Setup. 
Fix some problems of Windows Setup, suchas 0x6B BSOD. 
- WinToFlash –portable application, you can take it with you on a removable disk and run onany computer. 
- Supports transferprofiles – to save and load settings for the transfer at any time. 
- Support for encryption key in theWindows profile. 
- A detailed logfile. 
- Reminder aboutupdates. 
- A simple, classicinterface, the utility ntbackup. 
-Master with only two options for converting Windows Setup. 
- Support for multiple languages. 
- Now includes WinToFlashSuggestor. 

Whats New: 

Changes in Version1.5.0000 03/15/2017: 

- Addedsupport for text license files 
-Added converter application for license files (both convert binary to text andtext to binary license file) 
-Improved multiboot item add dialog 
- Improved checkdisk option 
- Fixed some problems with NTFSformatting 
- Added option to createfull binary image of a USB drive 
-Added option to restore full binary image of a USB drive 
- Added full support of latest Windows10 release 
- Other small changes tofix bugs. 


1. Unpack contents tosystem drive 
2. RunWintoflash.exe. 

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